Design Brief: Create and launch a new product for ATM outsourcing company AOne ATM that allows Credit Unions to connect directly with their members and potential members right at the ATM via Live Chat, Video Chat, Phone Call, or Email, depending on the preferences of the user.

Product name: MiniBranch
User Testing: Once we had a general idea of what features the product needed, we began to build some test versions of the landing page and chat widget. We tested the product amongst our marketing team, the ATM company, and Credit Unions that the ATM company already had relationships with. We went through several different chat widgets before settling on one. This process took several months.
Once the product was ready for launch, it was time to build a page telling Credit Unions about the new product that would launch at the same time as the product.
After about a year, the product was ready to launch! You can view more information about the product on

Lead Product Designer: Lina Maslo

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