Website redesign:
The client wanted to redesign his site to have a more image-heavy and "modern" presence, but with a local feel. We talked about his ideal customers: young parents ordering printed t-shirts for their children's sports teams; businesspeople needing polo shirts for their corporate events; PTA members looking for swag for their next fundraiser. The client also wanted customers to be able to request a quote right from the website, and for that feature to be prominent.
I worked together with the content manager on my team at Smart Marketing Advertising Agency to come up with great content for the site. I also looked at competitor websites to see what other screen printers were doing that was interesting. I met with the client and we often spoke on the phone, going back and forth with ideas.
Once I sketched out some menu and page layouts in Adobe XD and had them approved by the client, I built the site using Wordpress and Elementor. 
For curious customers, we included the Process page, which I had a fun time designing the icons for. We also made sure to have multiple points of contact throughout the site. Most important, of course, was the "Get a Quote" button, which leads the potential customer to a simple and easy-to-navigate form.
Overall, working with my team and the client, we were able to build a beautiful and functional website that everyone was pleased with in the end.
Lead Design: Lina Maslo. Agency: Smart Marketing Advertising Agency.
Website redesign:

The prior website for Summer of God Church was outdated and didn't match the newly renovated interior. With many new people moving to upstate South Carolina, the church wanted to attract young families with a bright, modern feel, a constantly updated schedule, and new photos. It was also important to format the site for mobile first, as many young people will first check the site on their phones for directions, the schedule, or to donate online.

Lead Design: Lina Maslo for

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